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4 Key Terms You Should Know As A Graphic Designer

May 4, 2015  /
By admin  /
Category: graphic designs

Graphic design, like all other professions, is littered with term and jargons that you may not be acquainted with. Here are just some key terms every designer should know, and a brief description.
So whether you’re a newbie in the field or just looking for a refresher course, read on…

01. Vector Images and Raster images
Vector-based images are made up of points that join paths to form shapes, to which you can add colors. The relationship of the shapes allows the image to scale down or up in size without losing quality. Since vectors can be easily resized, they are usually used for creating logos and print work like brochures and posters.
Raster images consist of pixels that determine the color and form. Photos are raster images and commonly edited by photoshop. Since, raster images are constituted by a finite amount of pixels, their resizing can be a bit tricky.


02. CMYK and RGB
CMYK is considered as the standard color mode to print documents – be it flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, annual reports and so on. It signifies Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and black. While RGB: red, green, blue color scheme is used for projects.
RGB colors are also called an “additive color”, as there are no colors and colors are being added together for achieving further colors or until the result is white.
A great rule of thumb is anything related to the web should always be done in RGB and printed material must be in CMYK.



03. DPI and PPI
Resolution is another key term, which is often confusing. Most commonly, people consider PPI and DPI as more or less the same thing, which technically is not accurate. Let me describe.
PPI intends pixels per inch and is related to image resolution. This setting defines how crisp the details will look in a printed photo. While, DPI signifies dots per inch and is related to printer resolution. This setting defines the number of ink dots to put on the paper by a printer.
Some people use DPI and others use DPI to imply image resolution, therefore, the reason we get confused! While getting images prepared to submit to magazines, the organization may ask for pictures to be a specific resolution. Even though they specify DPI, they actually mean PPI.

04. Grids
A grid in graphic design can be described in a series of crossing vertical and horizontal lines used to form and structure content. Whether in Photoshop or Illustrator, setting up the grids helps you to get your composition accurate and balance your imagery and type.



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