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5 Main Reasons To Use Google Webmaster Tools

October 22, 2014  /
By admin  /
Category: Seo Services

Most of the website owners, developers and SEO experts across the world already are using Google Webmaster tools to analyze, monitor, and optimize their website. And those who aren’t lagging behind in using this free feature to benefit their business should start immediately, as the awareness that it’ll give you from monitoring keywords, links, alerts, to manual actions is valuable.

Google Webmaster Tools

In order to get started, click on this link and sign up. 

5 reasons why you should use Google Webmaster Tools:

  • Identify and Fix errors on your site – Carry out a complete diagnosis that will search what is broken on your site and let you fix it, such as:
    a) Malware: It is a malicious code intended to disrupt your website. Google Webmaster Tool will search it for you. After finding the Malware, all you will have to do is to fix the issue.
    b) Crawl errors: Chances are that you may never know that how many times your site has crawl errors that can block your SEO efforts. Google Webmaster Tool will tell you about the issues that Google encounters while crawling your website. It will also show you pages that are not found, or restricted as well as the errors in your sitemap.c) HTML suggestions:It will also find duplicate content on your site. It will show you precisely what the content is that will help you to easily correct the problem.


  • Links to your website – With the help of the Google Webmaster Tool, you can determine who links to your site, how your data is linked & your most linked content.


  • Keywords – You can dig out exactly what keywords are being used for finding your website. Which keywords are mostly used as well as what pages are using them.
    SEO experts
  • Get inbox alerts – Google Webmaster Tool will alert you if they get any malware or errors of any sort on your site. You will receive a elaborated description of the errors.


  • +1 Metrics – It will also tell you the way in which the +1 button affect traffic that is coming to your site.




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