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August 29, 2014  /
By admin  /
Category: logo design

Is your logo design still effective? Does it build recognition of your business? When used on your marketing collateral, is it really symbolizing your company’s identity?

If you’ve never got a logo developed or it is just that have been doubtful that your logo isn’t what it could be, below are some tips for your brand can help in the process of creating or redesigning your logo.


Is your logo design suitable with what you serve your customers? The big boys have set a theme for logo and service/brand compatibility; if you’re not following the rest of the crowd, chances are you could be left behind. Such as, most of the restaurant and brewery businesses have a crest logo. Where as, in the graphic design industry, characters have the main role to play as part of a logo design or brand scheme.


You can find a lot of branding articles claiming that simplicity is the best policy when it is about logo designs. Your logo should summarize who you are in just a single and simple design. Complex or overdone images are less expected to be recalled later, plus a simple logo can be reproduced much neater to various sizes.

Avoiding Special Effects                           

The inducement to add gradients, drop shadows, and other enhancements is very powerful, but you must resist! Agree! There are always exceptional cases of this and any other rule, but complying with the idea to keep the logo simple, will avoid these extra effects. Complex elements don’t always interpret well from a brochure to your website.

Color Connections

Colors carry meaning. You should carry out a little research to decide which colors may be the best fit for your brand. If you already own an established brand color scheme, check if your logo ties into it or not.


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Client Reviews

  • René – NY

    I really enjoyed working with Logo For Work, who provided me with a custom logo design in great quality at a great price. The communication was excellent, with prompt replies and any suggestions for design changes was made instantly. The result was great.. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Coleman – TX

    You guys were excellent with the communication as well as in the logo design process!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ebenezer – FL

    That’s excellent! Great logo design work, LogoForWork!

    We’ll be sure to use your company in the future.

  • Rodney – CA

    We are very pleased with the quality of logo design work performed by LogoForWork. The Logo Design is exactly what we asked for. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for Logo Design and Web Design services. Thanks for a job well done!

  • Wesley – AZ is not only the best and most professional logo design firm, but they are also the fastest. It actually amazes me how fast their turnaround time is. They are absolutely outstanding.

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