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7up’s New Logo Design and Branding Revealed

December 23, 2014  /
By sam  /
Comments Off on 7up’s New Logo Design and Branding Revealed  /
Category: logo design
7up’s Logo Design

You may not have heard this, but now two different companies own the soda brand 7up —while it is supervised by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, PepsiCo runs it for the remaining world. After releasing a new logo for the brand in 2011, PepsiCo has just proclaimed an …

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Is Your Logo Classic And Timeless?

December 18, 2014  /
By sam  /
Comments Off on Is Your Logo Classic And Timeless?  /
Category: logo design
logo design

Some people may believe that the classic and timeless logo designs are interchangeable, but in reality they are not the same. The timeless logos are those that stay relevant for years to come. For example, Tide’s logo design has remained basically the same for over six …

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5 Inspiring Feminine Logo Designs

October 2, 2014  /
By sam  /
Comments Off on 5 Inspiring Feminine Logo Designs  /
Category: logo design

During the past 50 years, the situation of women in the professional world has been changed dramatically. Women have spread out their career aspirations. No longer, they are confined to traditional female fields like education or nursing. We have witnessed the integration of women into heretofore …

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WWE has revealed its new logo design

September 22, 2014  /
By sam  /
Comments Off on WWE has revealed its new logo design  /
Category: logo design
WWE Logo Design

Never been a big fan of the WWE’s previous ‘scratch’ logo design. To me (with no offense), this logo seems to be more like a doodle that belongs to the sketchbook of an art student, rather than an emblem representing an internal corporation, but who am …

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September 18, 2014  /
By sam  /
Comments Off on IS YOUR LOGO FLEXIBLE?  /
Category: logo design
Flexible Logo Design

Almost every day I get numbers of mails about the queries of my fellow designers and the clients  on logo designs, but the most common question among them is “what makes a good logo?” For me, a good logo is the one that is flexible. So …

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