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The “Don’ts” To Consider While Designing a Logo

August 29, 2014  /
By sam  /
Comments Off on The “Don’ts” To Consider While Designing a Logo  /
Category: logo design

In this Web-driven world where you every single step matters for your business, it is essential for your logo to convey your message clearly. A well designed logo is the easiest and most convenient way for company recognition and effective branding. Here are some common c mistakes that are better to be avoided if you want to design a successful and professional logo.

Logo Design

  1. DON’T  Completely Rely On Trends

Revolving around latest logo trends is sort of tagging your logo with a sell-by date.Trends,no matter what, come and go andat the end of the day turn into cliches. A good logo design should be timeless, and ignoring the latest tricks and gimmicks on logos can make this possible.

  1. DON’T Use Raster Images

Standard practice while designing a logo is to employ vector graphics software, like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. The alternative, obviously, is make use ofraster graphics software, for example, Adobe Photoshop. A raster graphic or a bitmap, as it’s usually called, consists of pixels.

Using bitmaps for a logo is not sensibleas it can cause problems in reproduction. While Photoshop is able to create very large logos, since you never know exactly how large you will need to reproduce your logo at a certain point.

  1. DON’T Use Stock Art

Logos containing stock vector graphics put the user company at risk.

This mistake is commonlycommitted by businessmen who design their logo by themselves or by shoddy designers, who have no idea about the copyright issues. Downloading stock vector images from websites like VectorStock is not a crime, yet it may get you in trouble if they are incorporatedint your logo.

A logo need to be unique and original. Chances are, if you are employing a stock vector image, anyone, anywhere in the world is also using them, hence yours is no longer unique.


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