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What Should Your Logo Designer Provide You With?

September 4, 2014  /
By admin  /
Category: logo design

At the same time, when a logo designer is owning up to providing proper deliverable from his/her ends, the clients should also make sure to use a proper method of creating their logo.

logo designer

Mentioned below are some of the deliverable a logo designer should give to the clienteles and what clienteles should be receiving from their logo designer.

File formats:

Providing various file formats to your clienteles will not just make them satisfied in the long-run, but any designer who likes your work will also admire you more.

Whether you are delivering high quality prints, using logo on a website, or adding it into a Word document, thank you cards and other stationery, Variety of file formats are there that should be employed over the other.


An Encapsulated Post Script file, EPS file, is an adaptable vector format of your logo design that allows you to resize your logo as small or big as required without any compromise on the quality.

JPGs and GIFs:

Although unable to be scaled to a desired size like an EPS, JPGs and GIFs are greatly preferred for online use. Because of their smaller file size, they are able to load faster on the web without being blurred to the eye when seen on a computer screen.


A Tagged Image File Format, TIFF, is an extensively supported file format that works well in almost all programs. This format is of higher quality than that of JPGs or GIF but is not vector-formatted like an EPS.

Usually while sending TIFFs to the clients, try to produce them at a larger size, there fore it will be easy for them to resize it down or stick to the larger size for supplementary versatility, if required.


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  • René – NY

    I really enjoyed working with Logo For Work, who provided me with a custom logo design in great quality at a great price. The communication was excellent, with prompt replies and any suggestions for design changes was made instantly. The result was great.. I couldn’t be happier.

  • Coleman – TX

    You guys were excellent with the communication as well as in the logo design process!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Ebenezer – FL

    That’s excellent! Great logo design work, LogoForWork!

    We’ll be sure to use your company in the future.

  • Rodney – CA

    We are very pleased with the quality of logo design work performed by LogoForWork. The Logo Design is exactly what we asked for. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for Logo Design and Web Design services. Thanks for a job well done!

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