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Brand by Hand: Famous Logos Reimagined in Handwritten type

April 28, 2015  /
By admin  /
Category: Seo Services

After Mehmet Gözetlik’s project China Town, an Auckland based designer has come up with a great concept. Brand by Hand is a new lettering project by a designer & lettering artist from New Zealand, Sara Marshall. This project digs into the defining attributes of universal brands.


Most of the famous logo designs you’re acquainted with, focus on a clean & minimalist approach – think Google and Apple, with the likes of Starbucks moving back on their initial identities to adapt this more minimal trend. Less color and the use of negative space have been seen as a big rise in hand-lettering.

Sara Marshall has made her latest project, ‘Brand by Hand’ for exploring the defining attributes of some famous companies in the world. Her project is intended as a junction of these two trends by presenting the personal, hand-treated & fancy nature of hand lettering into this cold corporate world, according to her.

Sara has beautifully recreated numerous famous brand logo designs, comprising of: Flickr, Burger King, FedEx, Skype, Subway, Evian, Samsung and Youtube, with the help of her hand lettering skills to craft a completely different look on these famous logos.

She swaps clunky text for handwritten script & adds a soft, engaging photo as a background. The result is the logo design that looks genuine.

Sarah did not try to replicate all logos exactly but instead has utilized her creative license to enhance each logo design in its own colorful way, with her calligraphic expertise to very enriched effect.

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    Keep up the good work!

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