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How To Get Prepared For April 21 Deadline, Called “Mobilegeddon,”

March 27, 2015  /
By admin  /
Category: Responsive Website Design, Website Design

Not so long ago, mobile usability emerged in the industry and now it has been an important factor in Google’s search algorithm. Websites that are optimized well for the mobile devices rank higher than the non-optimized ones, even on desktop devices. But so far, that ranking element has been both ambiguous and limited. Websites need Responsive Design to cater their users with a user-friendly mobile experience.


Besides a “mobile-friendly” tag affiliated with a multitude of websites in mobile search results, it is not hidden that what factors Google considers when estimating mobile rankings or how many websites (or which ones) are presently affected. Owing to this, many business owners have deferred or avoided optimizing their websites for mobile devices, and have subsisted to tell about it.

As per the latest Google blog post, this search engine giant is now working on a great algorithm change that will overturnthe way mobile friendliness is considered. Starting on April 21, this newly announced algorithm will be step by step rolled out universally, affecting mobile searches in all the languages spoken in all corners of the Earth.

Scope of the update

When it is cleared that Google already looks at mobile usability as a main part of its ranking calculations, one might wonder why “mobilegeddon,” is essential.

True!Many of Google’s “updates” are just data refreshes and tweaks holding slightbearing oncurrent search rankings. However, a member of Google’s Webmaster Trends team, Zineb AitBahajji, was quoted at SMX Munich as saying that this new mobile-friendly algorithm change will leave more of an impact on the search rankings than either Penguin or Panda, two of the biggest and exceedingly impactful search algorithm updates Google— in its history— has ever launched.

For now, it is not confirmed much about the update itself, but it will surely change the way Google values the mobile-friendliness of websites, but it is still unclear that what new factors will be seen or how dramatically these factors are going to be capable of changing a website’s search visibility. As per Bahajji’s comments, it’s quite sensible to guess that most of the non-optimized websites online could see significant decreases in the search visibility.

By some estimates, over 60% of all Google searches are at present performed on mobile devices, so that makes sense that Google is in mood ofcapitalizing on this traffic and assure the best possible experience for the users.

Along with the future algorithm update, Google is already jumping to roll out ranking changes established on information from the indexed apps of signed-in users. It may have a big impact on how SERPS are displayed and what sort of results are displayed. Whereas traditional search results exclusively show websites, future search results could emphasis on apps as well as other mobile tools.

Getting prepared

If your website is already mobile-friendly, there is not much to worry about. But, if you’ve not yet enforced a mobile strategy for your presence on the World Wide Web, now is the critical time for getting it done. Follow the steps:

Assure the mobile version of your website is active and functional.

Assure Google’s mobile bots can easily crawl your website.


Check each individual webpage of your website on a mobile device to make sure navigability. Just because its home page is mobile-friendly doesn’t really mean the rest of your website is too.

This April 21 Google update seems to be the greatest mobile-related algorithm change we’ve ever witnessed. If your website design does not get mobile-friendly by April 21, your search ranking can get badly hindered.

All Google wants is its mobile users to be happy, now the rest part is at your ends.


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