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Psychology Behind Creating Eye Catchy Business Cards

March 23, 2015  /
By admin  /
Category: Business Cards, Stationery Design

Business cards can be circulated to the targeted audience with an ease, but what makes it certain that your card is not going to end up in a drawer, never to re-emerge again? Business starters should take the time to create an aesthetically pleasing card that articulatesyour intended message. These marketing pieces are possibly your first impression with potential clients and other professionals. So ensure that the design is inspiring and memorable.

This can be done by considering the psychology of main elements of a business card. Make sure to take these tips as guidance rather than any hard-and-fast rule. These instructions will assist you in making right and appropriate design decisions and also help you ensure positive interpretations of your brand.
Eye Catchy Business Cards

Font Selection

Besides general disdain for Comic Sans, which font to pick isn’t a commondiscussion. What if you want to do something different? One of the initial decisions to make is whether you should use serif or sans-serif fonts. Usually, sans-serif fonts are for titles and headers whereas serif fonts are used for bodies of text.

You are liberal to choose any sort of font, but don’t choose two different fonts belonging to same type. Like the combo of Times New Roman and Georgia is not going to work. Plus, it will give a cluttered effect to the reader. Stick with a single font or use pairs appropriately.

Make sure your typeface if legible and properly spaced.Make sure to keep the line height larger than the font’s point size.
Eye Catchy Business Cards


When the spacing involves the large, empty areas of a design, its known as macro white space, in contrast to, which when space between words and lines is considered, it refers to micro white space.

Both are crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked. Having space doesnot always demands to get filled—it leaves the viewer feeling overwhelmed and confused about where to start considering and what is most significant.

Another element thing to consider is more whitespace signifies sophistication while less whitespace often associates with cheap design. Calculated spacing can make a specific element stand apart in the whole design, making it more eye-catching and communicating.
Eye Catchy Business Cards

Color Selections

Nothing makes a design superficial like color, so how can one implement color psychology into his/her choices to make as statement? A smart move is using colors from your logo. However, if you have something else in mind, choose one prominent color that you’d like to stand for your brand.
Eye Catchy Business Cards


The shape of your card should gel with your brand. Standard rectangular business cardsare actually good as it is previously. But there are brands that seem more alluring in an unusual shape. The psychology of opting for the right shape for your card is to pick one that conveys different emotions just like colors. Squares and rectangles shapes imply stability, strength, professionalism and efficiency, while circles or rounded shapes give a positive emotional message like friendship, love and unity.

Eye Catchy Business Cards

Regardless of what you do with color, typography, shape and white space, be sure you’re not making choices randomly. There are countless ways to embellish your business cards and to brand them effectively. So look for different design aspects and try different methods of engagement.



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